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YouTube, social media, and digital culture

NOTE: Now updated to reflect new dates.

In lieu of class Thursday (11/12), I’m going to ask you to watch the series of videos below (it’ll take you just more than an hour) and write a roughly 300-word response in which you connect Michael Wesch’s ideas with journalism and its emerging forms online. Please post your response in the comments section before Tuesday’s class (11/17).

These clips will serve as a good entree into our discussion next Thursday of online video and how it can be incorporated into your group blogs.
The question is, as the production and global dissemination of video has become ridiculously cheap and easy, what kind of implications does that have for visuals in (professional and amateur) journalism? How about for democracy in general and the press’ traditional role in mediating political messages? Continue reading ‘YouTube, social media, and digital culture’

David Cohn on innovation for young journalists

Our 8 a.m. class is just a wee bit too early for me to ask a guest speaker on the West Coast to join us live via Skype. Nevertheless, young journalist/innovator extraordinaire David Cohn, founder of the crowdfunding venture Spot.Us that has become one of the most noteworthy winners of the Knight News Challenge, has been kind enough to help us out via this Viddler chat. He has recorded this response to five questions we’ve posed:

1. In your experience and from your perspective, what is innovation in journalism? What does it mean to be a news innovator?

2. How can young journalists develop their ability to be entrepreneurs in media? What kind of mind-set and skill set do they need? What kind of training? etc.

3. Looking at the Knight News Challenge specifically, can you tell us about your own experience in prepping your grant pitch? How did you develop your idea?

4. For students trying to come up with a cool idea for the News Challenge, what do you suggest for inspiration?

5. When you think of key principles for success for the News Challenge or another innovation venture, what comes to mind?

Thanks, David! (p.s. Some recent news about Spot.Us’ expansion to L.A. here.)

… Bonus material for News Challenge prep work — some marketing tips from David, as well as this clip:

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