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Digital media strategies and ethics

In today’s class, we covered two big topics: strategies for writing and producing online, and the ethical issues related to using others’ work on your blogs and beyond. For the first part, see the previous post on Paul Bradshaw’s “basics”; for the second, see the following PowerPoints (and follow the links, for clarification in some places):

So, if you missed class today, I recommend brushing up on these for review.

The basics of online journalism

Paul Bradshaw, an instructor in the U.K. and creator of the must-read Online Journalism Blog, has put together a handy guide to principles of multimedia journalism—with especially good tips for building blogs.

We just covered the presentation above in today’s class. I would recommend that you check out the rest of his how-to PowerPoints—which, by the way, are excellent examples of the way to do a PowerPoint, much like Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule.

For Thursday, I’d like you to build on what we learned today by skimming through the whole series of BASIC principles of online journalism:

Please respond in the comments section with your impressions on the series. What did you most find interesting, enlightening, novel … and why?

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