Weekend assignment: Learn RSS

Here’s your first hands-on weekend assignment—and, like most of the other weekenders we’ll do this semester, this one is built on Web 2.0 technologies: I want you to learn how to use RSS like a blogger, and that means digging into the goodness of Google Reader.

To get started, read this post by Mindy McAdams and watch this video from the Common Craft folks:

You’ll need to set up a Google account, if you don’t have one already, and then just have a go of it. Add at least 10 feeds from sources that interest you—be they sports, fashion, food, whatever. Then add these feeds from the “future of journalism” community:

—Start with the Nieman Journalism Lab, the best one-stop source for understanding the future of news—its innovations, its business models, its key thinkers. A must-read.

—Next, PBS’ MediaShift blog helpfully tracks developments in citizen and social media, and also has a number of great spinoff blogs as well, so check ’em out.

—I mentioned Mindy McAdams. Her Teaching Online Journalism blog is chock full of great tutorials on multimedia and more.

—Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine is a no-brainer on this tour; you need to follow him, especially as his blog builds on the ideas in the “What Would Google Do?” book we’ll read.

—You’d be remiss not to follow Poynter’s Romenesko, which provides a daily dose of industry news and insider gossip; and for more on the business of journalism, Alan Mutter’s Newsosaur blog is a great resource. (Many more suggestions in this vein here.)

—A number of young, 20-something journalist/entrepreneurs are worth following, especially for the excellent links (and wisdom) they share: Ryan Sholin, David Cohn, and Suzanne Yada, for starters.

That’s just a sampling. Start with those, and we’ll add more in class Tuesday. At that time, I can troubleshoot any problems you’re running into as you add feeds and such. Just have fun with it this go-round!

[p.s. No need to comment on this post; just come to class prepared to talk about what you learned in the process, and mention a few posts that caught your eye over the weekend.]

UPDATE: Here are the sites we discussed in class today; please add each to your Google Reader:

Mashable and ReadWriteWeb, two key guides to social media

Techcrunch, Wired, and the NYT’s Bits blog, to get a feel for tech news

—And some more future-of-journalism destinations: MediaShift’s Idea Lab, which features winners of the Knight News Challenge program that will feature prominently in this class; Mark Brigg’s Journalism 2.0 blog that builds on the book you read; and a couple of other smart thinkers out there—e.g., Jay Rosen (he posts infrequently now, but follow him on Twitter and read his blog archives!), Mathew Ingram (on Twitter), Steve Outing, and Will Sullivan’s Journerdism.

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