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A flying seminar on the future of news

Discussion about the future of news (and the future of any newspaper, in particular) has intensified, it seems, with each succeeding week of our semester. In fact, there have been many times when I’ve felt that this course’s syllabus needs to be rewritten in real-time to keep pace with the accelerating change all around us—both events on the ground (e.g., newspaper shutdowns, shrinking staffs, the general economic reordering) and the thoughtful interpretations and analyses emerging online.

In fact, just in the past week or so, while we were enjoying spring break, several key articles, ideas, polemics, screeds, and obituaries about journalism have pulsed through the blogosphere, and they deserve our attention in Tuesday’s class.

I liked Jay Rosen‘s idea of a “flying seminar,” in which he’s culled the essential “reading list” on the future of news, with several pieces from recent days. I’m pasting his Twitter posts below. Please read at least most of these items and then, in the comments section, teach us something: Raise some questions, look for themes, give us your synthesized take on the future of news.

In the future of new flying seminar these are the recent urls you need to have mastered to…uh, pass the course! (1/3)

(2/3) Future of news flying seminar: key links, cont. Starr: Benkler Johnson and

(3/3) Future of news flying seminar: key links, cont. Conover: Eaves: Winer:

Future of news flying seminar, key links: Bonus round: Young Morford Watson: (4/4)

There really isn’t any future of news flying seminar; just my Twitter feed 🙂 Two more? @vincrosbie and

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