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Hello, my name is …

It’s that time again: beginning-of-the-semester introductions. No need to bare your soul here, but please do tell us your “story” — something interesting that gives us a chance to know you better. 

First, make sure you’re logged into your WordPress account. Then click on “Edit Profile” in the “My Account” menu. Configure it so that your name (at least your first name) shows up under “display name publicly as…” Then, add a picture of yourself. Now, comment away.

Tell us:

Start with the basics—where you’re from, year in school, etc. … why you’re a journalism major … what you love (or hate) to cover as a journalist … what you most like to read and why … what you like to do for fun (you know, actual hobbies) … what interests you about news online … and something interesting we don’t know about you.

I’ll get us started in the comments section…

We’re back!

Welcome to Spring semester at UT-Austin! Hope you enjoyed the break. Tomorrow at 5 p.m., we get back to the work of analyzing the future of journalism.

Given the fluid nature of our field, at a time when anything appearing in print has a certain and almost immediate oldness to it (for example), this course (Writing for Online Publication, or as I prefer to call it: the Future of Journalism class) has needed a fresh shake—a reboot, if you will. So, as we speak, I’m working to clean out the cobwebs from Fall semester and reconsider some of the assumptions that, even since just then, need to be revised and reconsidered. I’ll post the updated syllabus soon.

In the meantime, perhaps the biggest shift in the chatter on journalism’s future, looking at just the past few months, is the increased sense that we need an innovation revolution in journalism, a new entrepreneurial ethos (just one example, from PressThink). With that in mind, I’m beefing up this class’ focus on student-generated innovations for news. Stay tuned.

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