Behold, the human satellite truck

This is a writing course, yes, but it’s really more about being fluid in storytelling across media platforms—and especially so when it comes to emerging tools and forms of journalism. So, between now and Sunday 11/16, I’d like you to do each of the following, making sure your videos are relevant to your group blog:

1. “Standard” web video

  • Create roughly 2 minutes of decent-quality video using a consumer camera.
  • Do some basic editing (e.g., using iMovie) to add some titles and/or voice-overs.
  • Upload to the Web (via YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  • Embed the video HTML on group blog, along with explanatory text as needed.
2. Video micro-blogging
  • Use Seesmic or Mogulus to record your own reflections and make that your blog post for the day.
  • Note: You’ll need a webcam to do this; borrow a friend’s laptop if needed.
  • Embed the video HTML as your blog post for the day.
3. Livecasting (think of it as a satellite truck in your pocket!)
  • Broadcast a few minutes worth of live video from a cell phone (you’ll probably need to borrow a video-enabled phone from a friend).
  • Use Qik, Kyte, Flixwagon or another service out there.
  • Make it “journalistic”; try doing an interview with someone (quick example: see Craig Newmark—the “Craig” of Craigslist—interviewing citizen journalism thinker Dan Gillmor; more on being a mojo).
  • Embed the HTML on your blog; if there are issues with WordPress on this, we’ll work it out next week.

We’ll talk more about this Monday. Good luck!


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