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Twitter and Election 2008

It’s Election Eve. Exciting time. Are you ready to liveblog tomorrow night?

Now, I saw a rather large dose of skepticism today about Twitter, which is understandable. Yes, the microblogging service seems a little weird at first, true. But if we use it for “mindcasting” (see Jay Rosen’s video about this) as opposed to frivolous lifecasting, Twitter has real potential for spreading knowledge and good. And if you can show an potential employer that you know how to use it—and use it well—to cover news events in real-time … well, all the better.

So, a refresher on your assignment for election night:

—Post at least 10-15 tweets as the returns come in during the evening, roughly from 8-10 p.m. I’ll be online throughout that time and following things on TV as well, and I expect you’ll be doing the same. So, think of this as a running commentary on what’s happening.

—I expect you to make at least some (maybe half) of your “tweets” from your cellphone.

—Remember that this isn’t about just posting a bunch of random thoughts, but rather an opportunity for you to share cool links, distill your impressions down to 140 characters, and (perhaps most important) communicate in real-time with your classmates in a “liveblogging” format.

—Use the Twitter commands #j349 and #election08 at the end of every tweet. … By using the #j349 command, the Daily Texan will be able to pick up our class feed, which you can see here via a Twitter search for #j349.

—p.s. If you’d like to learn a little more about Twitter, check out these articles:

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