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More on tweaking your blogs

First of all, my apologies for some of my scattershot instructions on blogging today. I’ll post a few links below that might explain better what I tried to describe in class. Between now and Wednesday, keep working on updating the look and feel of your blog, while not neglecting the actual content I’d like you to post. (Again, four posts due by Friday, and not all of them on Thursday night!)

This is a good place to start, to help you get more familiar with WordPress and how it works.

• Another good page for general support issues, with tips on adding images and documents within your posts. Notice there’s a section on widgets, including a screencast on widgets. Some help on embedding HTML as a sidebar widget. And here’s help on setting up a blogroll.

• Create an RSS for your blog using Feedburner. There’s a help section for WordPress, but make sure you focus on the parts of it (i.e., you’re not “self-hosted” if you’re using

• How to add your Facebook status as an RSS feed on your blog.

• And some additional options for HTML widgets, although not all will work with WordPress.

… These should help you get up to speed.

So, due for Wednesday: 1) An about page … 2) an RSS feed for readers to subscribe to your blog … and 3) a simple blogroll of others in your area. And keep adding widgets and whatnot of interest.


The ethic of the link

Here again is what we watched at the end of class Friday, as we connected Web 2.0, journalism, and blogging. As Jay Rosen mentions, the Web—at its core, in its inception—is about people, about connectivity and sharing via human interaction across networks. Thus, linking—that is, linking out—becomes so essential … and yet has been so elusive for some legacy media organizations to grasp (or, perhaps, it’s a technical issue).

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