OK, so I didn’t make you bare your soul in-person today, but I would like you to introduce yourself here on the blog. First, make sure you’re logged into your WordPress account. Then click on “Edit Profile” in the “My Account” menu. Configure it so that your full name (or your first name and last initial) shows up under “display name publicly as…” Then, add a picture of yourself using Photo Booth—I’ll show you how to do this. Now, comment away.

Tell us:

Why you’re a journalism major … why you’re in this class … what you hope to get out of it … what you love (or hate) to cover as a journalist … what you most like to read and why … what you like to do for fun (you know, actual hobbies) … and something interesting we don’t know about you.


18 Responses to “Introductions”

  1. 1 Seth Lewis August 29, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    I’ll be the first to post here. I’m a PhD student (halfway to graduation) who’s interested in how the work of journalism is being transformed by new media sensibilities and technologies … I’m a former assistant sports editor at The Miami Herald … a guy who has lived in the Dominican Republic and Spain, and loves to travel anywhere else when possible (including Sweden, Finland and Russia last year) … an admitted techie with a major thing for all things Apple (let’s just say I read the blogs and follow the stock price daily) … and, most importantly, a husband to my best friend in the world and a dad to three great boys. (You can see some pictures of our family at

    I’m teaching this course because I’m fascinated by all the permutations of new media — the blogs, the user-generated content, the mashups, the wikis, etc. — and want to better understand what this digital age means for journalism and its role in society.

    OK, now your turn …

  2. 2 kwalla September 1, 2008 at 1:41 am

    Hey y’all! Being one to bear my soul at all opportunities I rather like these assignments. Generally, I’m a non-native Texan from beautiful Aspen, Colorado where I first harnessed my love for sports–especially golf and, of course, skiing. I chose UT firstly for its golf program, which I am a part, but also for everything that comes in the package (i.e. great city, great weather, great academics, etc.) While it couldn’t be much more of a different state here in Texas, I’ve loved being here and wouldn’t change it for the world.

    As far as why I’m a journalism major … I love to learn about people, write about them, and, more specifically, why I’m a multimedia J major, I love computers, videos, photography and all things digital and have been blessed to be exposed to those media from an early age in both home and school.

    I’m in this class because it helps me progress toward my degree, of course, but also it interests me for the above mentioned interests. I have been a part of a blogging site through a hometown website and I’m looking forward to re-immersing myself into that world in a more comprehensive manner. I hope I learn all things new-media and have fun while I’m at it. I also hope to get out of this class a heightened excitement about the future of journalism, where the industry’s print media are going extinct.
    As a journalist, I tend to sway toward softer news. While I feel there is a great need for hard-news and I shudder at the thought of how uninterested and uninformed our country’s youth has become, I don’t seek to be employed in the hard-news realm. Rather, I’m interested in music, movies, travel, sports, and the environment.

    Aside from gripping novels, in the news world, I most follow upcoming entertainment (my one print subscription is Entertainment Weekly). I also follow some sports news. I like to stay in the know about both local and world news, but I don’t read as much as I should other than being one of my homepages.

    for fun I love playing golf, watching movies, reading, and passionate debate in everyday conversation. everything’s an argument, but not always a fight.

    … and something interesting you don’t know about me: when I was 10 I played a girl named Devon in a digital movie named “A Twist of Faith” which selected scenes of which can be mined for on YouTube within tutorials for creating digital movies that the director of the movie has created. (I’m hoping I don’t regret that embarrassing tidbit later on in the semester…)

  3. 3 Caitlin W September 1, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Hey all! I’m Caitlin. I’m excited to get to know everyone this semester, particularly because I just got back from Germany about two weeks ago, so I’ve been out of the UT loop for a semester and can’t wait to make new friends now that I’m back.

    I’m a Radio-TV-Film and Journalism double major; I started out with RTF because I thought I might want to get into directing, but then my interests morphed and I realized that I’ve always been obsessed with music, and music journalism could help keep me in the know about up-and-coming musicians and send me to amazing concert adventures and all that jazz. I’m specifically in multimedia journalism for a few reasons; like the above blogger (Katie, right??) I am interested in photography and blogging. I was actually one of the Longhorn Confidential bloggers my sophomore year – these are the bloggers featured on the site for potential Longhorns and incoming students to get to know and to learn from. I’ve also had personal online blogs for years now; it’s an easy way to keep in touch with friends and family, or an enjoyable way to anonymously bear your soul to the internet world. I also feel that mutlimedia journalism is on the cutting-edge of the entire field, and I want to ensure that I will be able to find work when I graduate. That is also why I am taking this class. By being in the course, I hope to learn about all of the new trends in online journalism, and to obtain skills I did not have before.

    As a journalist, again I have to agree with Katie (I really hope I am getting your name right! I’ll apologize in class if I’m not.) As I mentioned, I want to get into music journalism, so although I believe that covering current events is really the most important avenue in journalism, I love to cover all things music. Concerts, CD reviews, interviews, all of it. I also enjoy anything that might be considered for an Arts & Entertainment section, like restaurant reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, and other events. Still, I would like to cover more serious issues, as well. For example, my track in my RTF degree is now media studies, and the things I have learned from my studies classes have ignited a passion in me for social justice and environmental activism. If I find a way to combine my passions, I will definitely be living the dream.

    I still enjoy reading The Daily Texan, but other than that my news most often comes from my igoogle headlines (I’ve got the NPR, CNN and BBC headlines on my homepage) and then from music publications and blogs, and feminist magazines. My favorite music blog right now is because the writing is beautiful, and one of my favorite music magazines is venuszine, a feminist music magazine.

    For fun, I love to paint, play guitar, write, read, and travel as often as my tiny student budget will allow. I enjoy practicing German, and can also speak a little Swedish now. Obviously, my favorite thing to do is go to a concert. I also really love to meet new people.

    My “something interesting” is that an interview I did for the Texan was featured on the website of one of my favorite musicians, Sondre Lerche (he did the soundtrack for ‘Dan In Real Life,’ and has put out 4 major LPs in his short 23 years). It was the second time I interviewed Sondre (he is a FANTASTIC subject, because he gives really long responses which gave me plenty of time to type them as we went!) and his people posted the interview, as well as my review of the ‘Dan In Real Life’ soundtrack, on his website! I was overjoyed. It has been so far, in my short journalistic career, my best moment and happiest achievement.

    I’m excited to get to know everyone! See you all on Wednesday.

  4. 4 Samantha G. September 1, 2008 at 11:17 pm

    I am in this class because I recently changed my major to Multimedia journalism from Photojournalism… I did this because I figured multiple media’s would be more beneficial than 1 in the “real world.” This class is required in the multimedia sequence.

    I hope to learn about, and be able to easily navigate through the new, quickly evolving technologies being used to broadcast and share news on the web.

    As a journalist, I like to cover investigative journalism. I have found when doing stories on investigative subjects you are able to provide something more exclusive to readers…also, I like the fact that they can be done in a series.

    In terms of news I read Drudge Report everyday. My favorite online magazine to read is called: L Magazine. I enjoy reading L because I used to read it when I lived in New York. So, reading it provides a sense of nostalgia-plus, I love their great “Sex with the Natural Redhead” column. Check it out:

    What you don’t know about me is… this is my first semester back at UT after a 3-year ‘sabbatical.’ I feel like I am the oldest person in all my classes. I do love the fact that I took a break- however, it allowed me to live in New York, where I interned in the art department of Marie Claire Magazine for 6 months. After which, I got a job at Boutique ad agency in Soho as a creative assistant. I came back to Texas in July of 07’ and worked at the San Antonio Current for the last year. Returning to school is surreal for me, but I am happy to finally be back. I would recommend that everyone in the class get an internship or job in journalism prior to graduating. It will help you apply yourself, let you know why you are in school, and how you will be able to apply the skills you are learning in your future. In addition to providing unbelievable networking opportunities.

  5. 5 jbechdel September 2, 2008 at 3:28 am

    Hey, my name’s Jeff and I’m another one of those rare breeds–an out of state student from near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I came to UT in large part because of their great journalism program and haven’t been disappointed with my choice at all. I’m a J-major because I really like to write and think communication skills will be something I can use in any profession. With that being said, I’m not entirely sold on a career in journalism. I’ve done a few political internships with Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Arlen Specter, and might be leaning toward the political world after graduation.

    I’m taking this class because it’s inherently forward-looking. The future of journalism, as journalists or not, will undoubtedly affect us all, and learning the develoments that are taking place now should help us be better equipped to handle changes similar to this in the future.

    As you might imagine, I like to cover all things political as a journalist. But I’ve also found that neighborhood issues really fascinate me as well. Last fall, I covered a story about a split neighborhood–one group wanting the area to remain zoned residential and the other for mixed-use zoning. On the surface it was a boring topic, but the passions were real, and that’s exciting to me. Also, I have a blog of my own that I use for keeping in touch with family and friends.

    I read political opinions all day long at But just this summer I discovered John Steinbeck and read four of his novels. I tend to enjoy American fiction a lot–discovering the characteristics that make us the same and different. While not reading, I like to play soccer and tennis. By nature I’m fairly competitive, so I’m pretty much game for any type of team sport, too.

    As for something you might not know (or might not guess), I’m an avid fan of Fleetwood Mac and at a show in Cleveland, got the chance to strum the guitar during a performance of “Go Your Own Way.”

  6. 6 racas September 2, 2008 at 5:55 am

    Hello class! Well it’s nice to read everybody’s interests, Samantha welcome back! Better now than never! And I agree with jbechdel that issues pertaining to small communities like neighborhoods make some of the most interesting stories. It has taken me a while but I’m realizing now that I face stories everyday and I don’t even realize it! I exchange thoughts and ideas with people that have needs and problems that could be addressed.

    I’m in this class because I want to learn what’s going on in journalism technology. Everything’s changing so fast and I don’t even have a blog! That’s one of the things I want to get out of this class, a blog. I imagine we’re going to have discussions on the nature of the medium and how citizens have a greater role and responsibility, so if any citizen can be a journalist, what competitive edge will journalism students have? I have questions regarding online journalism that I hope to find answers for.

    I like to cover stories that deal with social issues. I’m from Mexico, and if you’re familiar with the Martí story, I yearn to cover stories like that, those that deal with people that have lost it all and still have so much to give in favor of prevention and security, in favor of a better life. Journalism is key to getting the word out, and I think it’s a very noble profession.

    I like to read books recommended by people I admire. Right now I’m reading Persepolis after my sister saw the movie and gave me a commercial about it. It’s instructive and entertaining, but above all I like to check back on whoever recommended the reading to have a conversation about it, exchange points of view and come to a greater truth. I’m an idealist, so I also wish that this class may help me keep my feet on the ground, talking about the reality of the profession.

    For fun I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies, go out for dinner to cool restaurants, have a latte at Lava Java, go shopping, go clubbing, but the most important thing is being surrounded by people I care about. Other hobbies are yoga and opera, which leads to the “interesting” thing about me… I’m an undercover opera singer. I want to become an opera singer in a few years, once I graduate and work for a while in journalism, I plan to audition for a master’s in music or for opera houses and change the course of my career. It’s a thought.

  7. 7 Brittany September 2, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    Hi everyone, I’m Brittany. I am a senior journalism major in the copy editing and design sequence. I chose to major in journalism after working on my high school’s yearbook my junior and senior years. I got to be the editor my senior year and fell in love with the publication design process.

    I am taking this class mostly because my wonderful journalism advisor Wendy said it was a good one lol. However, I do have an interest in the course, specifically learning to navigate the ridiculously vast world that is internet news and blogging. I know that all this new technology has so much to offer me and I am eager to learn how to find my way around it all.

    As a journalist I like to cover human interest stories. Last semester I wrote a story for my J315 class about the prevalence of Nike Tempo shorts on campus. I had a ton of fun with that story. I really don’t like hard news stories. I am a copy editing and design major because of the design aspect of it, and while I enjoy writing, I have no desire to be a journalist that covers hard news stories for a paper. I tend to feel out of place in my classes because even though I am a journalism major, that aspect of it does not interest me at all. I hate reporting hard news!

    As for reading, I am a magazine addict. I hope to work at one someday so I consider the avid reading research for my future. I love Austin Monthly. I think they do a great job of covering our area, one that is largely ignored in national magazines. I read the New York Times online almost daily and Fox News is my homepage. I am also almost constantly reading a book, despite the sometimes crazy heavy reading required for school. I enjoy authors like Stephen King, Laurell K. Hamilton, Stephanie Meyer and I think J.K. Rowling is amazing.

    For fun I enjoy going to concerts. My boyfriend and I go to shows all the time – its sort of our thing. I like metal and hardcore music. I recently attended a tour that hosted Emmure, Ligeia, On Broken Wings and Recon. I know that no one else will know who those bands are, but the show was incredible! I also scrapbook when I have the time.

    Something interesting….that’s a tough one. In general I would not consider much about me terribly interesting. I guess I will go with the fact that I was adopted when I was 6 months old and on my 20th birthday last year, my birth mom contacted me for the first time. She and I are now myspace friends, and I am planning a trip next year to see her in Washington state.

  8. 8 Briana C September 2, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    I’m so thrilled that i get to make an entire post about myself, hah.
    I decided to be a journalism student here at UT, because i love language, writing, and speaking. Also, as a member of a minority community, I want to work to ensure coverage of minority issues, and more specifically, positive representations of African Americans in the media.

    If all of my dreams were to come true, i’d like to see myself working for Essence magazine in Chicago, or for TVone (a more responsible and enlightened BET) in Atlanta. I decided to take this course, because I wanted to equip myself with the tools necessary to make these dreams a reality. It’s obvious that journalism as a field is changing, and I want to be on the forefront of that change. I know very little about technology to be honest, hah. Hopefully, at the conclusion of this semester, I will be a saavy journalism student who can write for internet publications and utilize neat things like wiki’s (i still don’t know what those are… lol) and blogs, etc.

    As a journalist, I love to cover the happenings in minority communities. I want to be the voice for those who don’t feel heard. I love finding a story where most people feel there isn’t one. While i love sports, it’s probably my least favorite thing to cover, because I do not have a working knowledge of what the heck is going on lol. All I know is that I need to cheer for the team in burnt orange lol.

    Honestly speaking, when it comes to online publications, the site that I frequent the most is A girl has to get her gossip! Other than that, I go to for gossip on black celebs. When I’m not wasting my life on those sites, I enjoy reading self-help books. I feel like I’m living a pretty good life now, but things could always be better, right? Everyone could use a little improvement from time to time! Right now I’m reading a book entitled Fight Like a Girl. It aims to teach young, Christian women how to tap into their God-given strengths to overcome the battles of this world.

    I love to do fun things in my spare time like shop, take pictures, read, sleep, eat, breathe…. But with my hectic schedule and lifestyle, i have no spare time! I go to school at 8 every day (sucks…), and then I have a small break usually from 12:30-3:30 to do homework, and then I have to go to practice every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings until 7. I was elected co-captain of Texas POM for this year, and that plus school takes up ALL of my time. I love it though. I would not trade the experiences I’ve been granted through the program for anything in the world. How many people in the world can say that they have performed in front of a crowd of 98,000+? Our new stadium is amazing! I love performing during football and basketball season, even though I don’t know much about sports. Generally, I’d like to call myself a fan of all things UT lol.

    As for something you don’t know about me: I fought and beat cancer. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor when I was 12, and it was unsure whether I would ever be able to speak, or walk again. I’ve been a dancer all of my life, so it was pretty traumatic. But, God is faithful, and here I am today cancer free… speaking, walking, and still dancing! I so look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!

  9. 9 Mollie B. September 2, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Hey everybody! I’m Mollie and I am a junior broadcast journalism major from a tiny town in East Texas (Grapeland, population- 1,384). I’m taking my first broadcast class this fall and although I feel like I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, I’m really looking forward to it.

    I feel as though I sort of weirdly worked my way into journalism. I entered UT as a pre-pharmacy student because both my grandfather and great-grandfather were graduates of the UT Pharmacy school. However, after my first semester of biology and chemistry, I quickly realized that the College of Natural Sciences was not the place for me. I was undeclared for awhile and couldn’t decide on which major to pursue next. Then one day I realized that everything that I had ever been involved in during my high school career involved communicating with people, either interpersonally or publicly. I also took into consideration that I had always been a good writer as well, so tah dah! broadcast journalism became my new chosen major.

    I just took J315 in the spring semester, so I still feel like I’m a newbie to everything and that I need a lot more journalistic experience. I can’t really say that there’s a specific topic just yet that I really like covering. Unlike what Brittany said, I really liked covering the hard news stories in J315. I guess what I liked about them was the formulaic approach taken to writing those kind of stories, but I really can’t see myself working for a newspaper. Although I would love to work for a major news industry one day, I’m kind of on this kick right now where I really want to work for ESPN. I’ve always been athletic, I love pretty much all sports and I LIVE for college football Saturdays in the fall, so I could see myself enjoying a career covering sports.

    I got into this class because first of all, as much as people may or may not like to admit it, the news industry is changing and I hope that what I learn from this class will help me to adjust easily to the changes that may occur during my career as a journalist. Secondly, I hope this class will help me make more sense of the everything the internet has to offer to journalists and the news industry. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this but I’ve never had my own blog until now, I had no idea what an RSS feed was and I’ve never kept up with other bloggers postings before.

    So when I’m not reading something for a class (which ends up taking up the majority of my time) I like reading Shape magazine. With the new recipes to try and different exercises, it always seems to get me motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. So when I’m not doing something for a class, I like to workout by running or lifting weights or playing around outside. I just ran in the Nike Human Race 10K that was held here on Sunday and it was awesome! That hill on Dean Keeton hurt like no other, but it was so cool to see the massive amounts of red shirts running the streets of Austin. Actually, the city of Austin had the second fastest average among the 25 other cities that participated all over the world. They also announced at the race that Austin had the highest number of participants than any of the other cities, so YAY us!

    Ok, so I know I said earlier that I was slightly embarrassed, but now I’m about to become really embarrassed. So I told you that I’m from a really small town and with really small Texas towns comes their own little unique traditions. My town has an annual Peanut Festival, complete with a parade down main street, a carnival and food booths in the park, and a queen’s pageant. The pageant is open to senior girls in our high school and operates like a scholarship pageant. The pageant has actual judges and girls compete in the categories of personal interview with the judges, street wear, on-stage interview, talent and evening wear. So my senior year I competed and won the title of the 60th Annual Peanut Queen. But the best part is my town really isn’t a big producer of peanuts anymore! Some of the peanuts that they sell at the festival are actually from Mexico!

  10. 10 Holley N September 2, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Hey y’all! I’m Holley! Well, my love for journalism goes back to high school when I started participating in speech and debate. After four years worth of debate tournaments, my senior year I competed at the UIL state tournament in a debate and a speaking event. The competition was here at UT, which I guess explains why I chose the home of the longhorns. However, beyond my love for speaking and writing, I love journalism because it gives me the chance to tell other peoples’ stories…it’s the chance to inform and serve others, and as Edward Bulwer-Lytton said it… “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

    I decided to sign-up for this course, because I really believe the Internet, in all its glory, is the present and future of journalism. I mean aside from needing a journalism writing component (haha,) I honestly think without having a knowledge of the web and how it operates, no medium will survive. I really want to learn more about blogging, and writing for the web in general. I am excited to learn all I can about this 24/7 world of information.

    This summer I had the opportunity to do an internship at CBS42/KEYE TV here in Austin. (By the way, I totally agree with Samantha above, and recommend an internship to everyone.) I loved every minute of it, and really fell in love with journalism even more. But, after going out on stories for CBS42, and writing, shooting, and editing my own stories for my TV Reporting class at UT this summer… I have come to the conclusion that, as a journalist, I enjoy covering hard news stories the best. I definitely enjoy reading/watching a good feature story, but I really like being in the middle of all the craziness of a hard breaking news story.

    I really enjoy reading the New York Times online, because I love the writing style and I really like looking at their picture slideshows. I also read CNN online, and the Statesman…and yes, I actually get breaking news updates from local Austin news stations as well as the New York Times (what can I say, I’m a news junkie!) Oh and I can’t forget my occasional visits for my celebrity scoop.

    When I’m not in class, or don’t have my head buried in a great textbook (lol,) I love to run, swim, and ski (water and snow,) and thanks to my parents who made me practice for 13 years, I love to play the piano. But, my favorite thing to do is to be with my family and friends.

    Now, here is the hard part…something y’all don’t know…I went to cover the Heisman Banquet in Austin with my internship this summer, and I ended up getting to interview Ricky Williams…definitely an exciting moment in my life!

  11. 11 Saul September 2, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    First things first.

    I’m a journalism major because a long time ago–I think when I was about 12–I realized that I liked to travel, and I liked to write. Shortly thereafter, I realized that, while these things were awesome, getting paid to do them–and having other people pick up my tabs–would be far, far, awesomer. So there you go.

    That said, I’m in this class because, surprise surprise, the world of journalism is changing. How much the forms will change, and how much any of it even matters, is a question I can’t answer. But I want to be able to, and whatever the new paradigm is, I want to be able to roll with it. Or help create it. That would be cool too. And I think this class is a good first step.

    I like to cover stories about people. I find your average person absolutely fascinating–I love listening to people talk about their lives, no matter how mundane. This isn’t much of a limitation–all stories, more or less, are about people, or can be. I like stories where I can find something that doesn’t fit, and then tease at it until I’ve revealed something that I never realized was there in the first place. And I like travel writing–not of the “1000 places you should go before you die” variety, but of the sort that takes a big, complex world and makes it knowable and personal.

    I read a lot–a bad habit that survives from my not having had a TV growing up. I’ll read more or less anything, but I really like history and literary fiction, whatever that means. I get my news from the New York Times and BBC, but I also really like the news commentary on Slate. Sometimes I cheat and just read that. For culture reporting, the Onion AV Club is awesome. Also, I like Roger Ebert’s movie reviews.

    I rock climb and boulder a lot, and by ‘a lot’ I mean ‘neurotically.’ I always have my shoes in my car, and I’ve been known to pull over without warning on road trips so I can check out interesting looking rocks. So far, I’ve miraculously managed to remain uninjured. I also travel whenever I have time. Also, I read. More than is healthy.

    Something you don’t know about me: I spent the summer homeless–literally–bumming around the country in my car (I saw, I think, 29 states) and sleeping by the side of the road. Got chased off private land at gunpoint a couple of times. Fun.

  12. 12 Caroline Page September 2, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    Hi. I’m Caroline and I’m a senior print journalism student. Actually I technically should have graduated in May, but am graduating in 4 1/2 years, so this is my last semester at UT! I’m a born and raised Austinite, so have lived here my entire life and love this city. However I want to move away after graduation, preferably to New York, because I need a change and feel like this is the time to do it. I’m hoping to find a job writing for a newspaper or magazine in NYC post-graduation…

    I worked at The Daily Texan for 4 semesters – two as a general news reporter, one as a senior news reporter and one as an assistant news editor. It was great experience – I would definitely encourage any journalism student who hasn’t tried working there to do so – but it was very time consuming and I’m glad to not be working there this semester. All of my journalism work experience is in newspaper, so I’m interning at Austin Monthly magazine this semester and hope to find out more about magazine production. I have learned through my work experience that I love to interview people, find out about their stories about write about them. One of my favorite stories I wrote for the Texan was about a former UT student who fought and died in Afghanistan because I formed a relationship with his family and was really able to gain insight into their lives. The piece was sad and hard to write, but I felt I did justice to the soldier’s story.

    In regards to my love for writing, on the other hand I am not very into blogging. That is why I’m taking this class. I love to read the news online, but I know I need to force myself to learn more about the changing world of online journalism. I want to become more knowledgeable in the multimedia field because I know it makes me more marketable in finding a job.

    I had an amazing summer, which I spent the majority of in Tanzania and backpacking with my brother in Europe. I have always wanted to go to Africa and had the opportunity to go with a non-profit and hike Mt. Kilimanjaro (which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done) and then volunteer at several orphanages in Tanzania. I loved being there so much and have toyed with the idea of living there for a short period of time. I kept a pretty detailed journal on my travels and would love to eventually write a book about my experiences.

    I think that’s all for now…

  13. 13 Laura C. September 2, 2008 at 8:39 pm

    Hi everyone! I’m Laura, an senior journalism and government double major. I’m in this class because I’m a multimedia journalism major, and I absolutely LOVE all things online, graphic design, and Apple, of course… basically I’m a closet computer nerd.

    I hope to get a better understanding of the way various internet vehicles fuel media RIGHT NOW, as I type. The internet is such a fast paced way to exchange information that sometimes it confuses me a bit when I think about the vastness of it all.

    I was stuck between going the route of government, i.e. pursuing a federal job in D.C. or going into the journalism field. This past February, on a whim, I emailed some folks over at CNN, seeing if they needed any student coverage of the Presidential Candidate debate here at UT. I was dying to go, and I thought I might as well try emailing someone. Well, they liked me enough, and I got a press pass and an awesome behind the scenes look at the way the media covers politics! I then knew what I wanted to do with my life – and what I wanted to focus on in a journalism career.

    I enjoy reading the Times every morning with a cup of coffee, and I love reading the Economist. I actually just got engaged this summer, so I now find myself perusing expensive glossy bridal magazines and either balking at the sheer ridiculousness of it all or oogling Vera Wang dresses that cost more than tuition.

    When I have free time, I enjoy traveling. My fiancé attends the Naval Academy, in Annapolis, MD, and I go up there frequently to enjoy the quaintness of small, historic town life. This summer I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria, where I got to live next door to the Sound of Music palace… and I ate in it every day! The topic of the three week long seminar was Global Media Literacy, which was quite interesting. I encourage all non-graduating students to apply for this program next summer!

    Something you don’t know about me: I recently rescued a parakeet that was flying around a park my brother was running in! He figured that it obviously wasn’t a wild bird… so now it’s living with me. If only I could get it to be quiet sometimes!

  14. 14 pieper12 September 2, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    I’m in the class because it’s one of our required ones, but I am also very interested in becoming more adept with this whole internet thing. I am not very internet-savvy and I just hope that I can learn a lot and especially learn to distribute more information via the web!

    I am a journalism student because I am interested in learning about people. It’s hard for me to say which types of people because I am just intrigued by anyone, everyone has a story…everyone comes from somewhere. I’m not sure what kind of work that entails, but I do know that I am pretty good a talking and listening to people and thrive on the chance to go outside of my box and meet someone of my polar opposite. Therefore, I guess I would say that I like to cover feature stories where I get the chance to spend more time with the interviewee and get to know them on a deeper level and to be able to share their stories better with the audience.

    I am extremely outgoing and absolutely love doing anything spontaneous with my friends! I live with 3 other girls and they are absolutely amazing! i love getting to know the Lord deeper everyday and especially seeking the amazing things He is doing in my life. I love going on road trips to small towns, country-western dancing, seeing live bands (especially Texas country artists), watching TV shows with my roommates, throwing parties, and being outside. Singing is also one of my favorite things to do, although I am not very good at it!

    One thing you all probably don’t know about me is that my mom received a traumatic brain injury last year. It has been an extrememly difficult time, but God has truly been faithful through all of it. I graduate in December and have to go back to Dallas to take care of her for a while, but I see it as a blessing! She is in rehab right now, kickin’ butt! It’s been a really long road and we’ve hit a lot of bumps on the way, but she’s not done yet…She’s my amazing and beatiful mom who WILL walk me down the aisle one day, in honor of my dad who passed away when I was 8. She’s been both parents to my younger sister Jamie and me almost our whole lives, and now it’s our turn to take care of her! I love them both very much!

  15. 15 Jane Kim September 3, 2008 at 3:16 am

    Hi people. I’m Jane, and I’m a senior in the multimedia sequence. Honestly I’m in this class because it is required – I’m more into the design aspects of the web and print than the writing part. I don’t like getting up in people’s businesses and asking them questions when they have nothing to do with me, so I guess Journalism isn’t really for me. What interests me is how the design of a certain page or website or product can change how information is perceived, and that is why I am in the multimedia sequence so that I can learn better how to present information in an interesting way.

    I read a lot, mostly novels and the Times magazine. I don’t read the news too much because it stresses me out. When I do read news, I like international/world news because it gives you a bigger perspective. I personally think the American press is still very self-centered and one-sided. It’s getting better, but it still has a long way to go.

    My hobbies are reading and drawing, although lately I really haven’t had much time to draw. Computer graphics has become so much more convenient that I’ve lost the habit of hand drawing things. I’m trying to go back to working with my hands though, because using the computer sometimes doesn’t give the same satisfaction as when I’ve created something from scratch with my own hands.

    Hmm.. something interesting about me.. I guess the fact that I was born in Austin but grew up in Korea, and somehow still acquired perfect English pronounciation. When I talk, everybody thinks that I am totally American because I have no accent, but inside my head I think my thoughts in Korean. This makes it weird for people who don’t know me, because sometimes I’ll say things that are right in Korean, but don’t make sense or are totally inappropriate in English, and they’ll be like, ‘Is she out of her mind???’

  16. 16 ansel September 5, 2008 at 12:45 am

    I added this class earlier this week so I’m the last one to post here. I’m a journalism senior in the multimedia sequence. I was attracted to this class by its title, writing for an online publication, because that’s what I want to do. What trends can one observe about online articles or multimedia postings that are the most popular or go viral? How does publishing on the web differ from publishing on paper? How do viewers’ expectations and needs differ depending on the medium? What’s the future of online journalism look like? I’d like to emerge from this class with some answers to those questions and more.

    I like to cover stories about grassroots activism, away from party politics and the halls of corporate and state power, and stories that are important to marginalized communities. I see journalism as a tool for exposing existing power hierarchies and breaking them down. I’ve been hosting a radio show on KVRX for over a year with that orientation. I’m in the process of updating the site right now, but there’s a working archive up for most of last year’s shows at

    Hobbies? Soccer, reading, designing websites, tagging, a few video games here and there… I love (mostly underground) hip hop. I read a lot of stuff online too. Check out my netvibes. I’ve got a Bloglines account too.

    Well, most folks don’t know that I completely skipped high school through the UW Early Entrance program. I’m 20-years-old. Could have (should have?) graduated last spring, actually.

  17. 17 Kristin September 5, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    hey, just fyi, i changed my “public display name” to Kristin, which is my name, not Katie, haha…but no worries, of course. See ya in class.

  1. 1 For Friday: Evaluating citizen media sites « The Future of Journalism (J349T) Trackback on September 3, 2008 at 10:37 am

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